“Does the world really need another website about project management?”

This is the question I struggled with. After doing some serious soul searching I knew there were two things that I wanted address.

  1. Everyone manages projects in one form or another, yet project management isn’t formally taught in most schools.  Think about it.  Almost every single person is asked to lead a project at some point during their life. The majority of these projects don’t involve the complexities of launching a spaceship or creating the next transformational technology.  They are everyday actions like planning a special event, opening a small business, or improving something at the workplace.  People just assume everyone has the inherent skills and knowledge to lead a project without being taught. 
  1. I’ve always found project management to be some of the most exciting work in the world, yet most project management materials are boring and painful to engage with.  They typically fall into two categories.  They’re either too academic and abstract, or they’re just a lame sales pitch for a proprietary method that rehashes something that’s already out there.  Most people simply don’t benefit from the content that’s available because it’s hard to relate to.    

It was really these two insights that inspired me to create this site.  I wanted to make something that’s practical, accessible, and filled with real-life examples to help bridge the gap between technical resources used by full-time project management professionals, and the everyday projects that most people need help with.

To accomplish this, the site is organized into a collection of stories, templates, and personal perspectives with opportunities for discussion.  To keep things interesting I’ve pulled from over 22 years of personal project management experience working in fortune 50 companies, independent consulting, and leading my own start-ups and small businesses. 

I genuinely hope you enjoy engaging with the site as much as I enjoy creating and maintaining it 🙂

Jonathan (Jon) Hanley – July 3rd, 2021