Let Reality be the Judge

Being a partner at a small business marketing agency taught me a variety of lessons. One of the most important ones is not to get bogged down with differing opinions. It’s easy to get hung up on a specific creative design, marketing tactic, tagline, etc… This is particularly difficult for me because I maintain strong viewpoints and I […]

Overcoming The “Transformation” Hype

It seems like the word transformation crops up about everywhere you look these days, so here’s a little secret. Since we haven’t yet achieved maximum hype, just insert the word “transformation” into any project title and it will significantly increase the odds that it will be supported or funded. Case in point. Maybe you have […]

Prioritizing Projects

Once I was interviewing for a project management position and was asked “What would you do if your stakeholders wanted you to deliver multiple projects, on accelerated timelines, without enough resources?”  My response was simple.  Tell them “No” and then outline realistic options. I explained there are generally three things you can do. Use logic […]

Killing Zombie Projects

Zombies make for great television because they’re just so darn hard to stop. Whenever you think they’re down for the count, they come back stronger than ever. Now brace yourself, because this might come as a shock.  Zombies exist in real life!  Well, at least “zombie projects” do. If you’ve worked at a large company […]

The Yin and Yang of Careers

When it comes to careers, I maintain a belief that there are two general orientations towards your experiences.  These can be thought of as yin and yang, or opposites of the same underlying characteristic.  They are breadth and depth.  For example, a career in depth is focused on developing a high level of expertise within […]

Exploring Project Benefits

There’s an old quote from Harvard Business School professor Theodore Levitt that goes, “People don’t want to buy a quarter inch drill bit, they want a quarter inch hole!”  One of the main insights from this statement is that businesses must shift their thinking away from an internal focus of what they produce, and instead […]